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Stoll Fireplace Glass Door Enclosures

Original . Trenton . Blacksmith . Mesh . Freestanding Screens.... HELP!

Screen or Glass Door
The first thing to determine is if you want a custom, freestanding screen, or a glass door for your fireplace. Glass doors offer an element of energy efficiency that a screen can't.

Masonry or Manufactured Fireplace
The two main types of fireplaces are masonry or manufactured. You can make this distinction by.... Proper air flow is essential to the safe operation of a manufactured fireplace. Vents around the main frame and gaps in the glass allow our fireplace doors to be safe and code compliant with all manufactured fireplaces. Our ReFace product allows you to completely redesign the entire face of your manufactured firebox in one quick snap.
Masonry Fireplace = Original Collection, Bar Iron Collection, Outdoor Collection, Craftsmen Collection or Essentials Collection
Manufactured Fireplace = ZC Glass Door Collection, ZC ReFace Collection or DV ReFace Collection

Rectangle, Arch or Arch Conversion
Fireplace openings come in many sizes and proportions, but usually only two shapes. Arch or Rectangle. The Arch Conversion door goes in a Rectangle opening and features arch glass doors which gives the appearance of an Arch fireplace.
Arch = Bar Iron Arch Door, or Stainless Steel Door
Arch Conversion = Bar Iron Arch Conversion Door or Stainless Steel Door
Rectangle = All Collections

Metal, Iron, Stainless or Aluminum
Our Original, Bar Iron, Craftsmen, and Essentials Collections are all crafted with either sheet metal, bar iron, or channel iron. The Outdoor Collection allows you to choose Stainless Steel or Extruded Aluminum as the frame material.
Sheet Metal = Traditional Door, TotalView Door or Essentials Collection
Channel Iron = Traditional Iron Door
Bar Iron = Bar Iron Collection
Forged & Aged Iron = Craftsmen Collection
Stainless Steel = Outdoor Collection
Extruded Aluminum = Outdoor Collection

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