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General Safeguards

  • Burning trash, construction materials or scraps, pressure treated lumber, and/or railroad ties, is strongly discouraged in general, and especially with glass doors. Intense heat can cause frame damage and/or loss of temper in glass resulting in glass breakage. The fumes from burning these types of materials can also create a serious health hazard.

  • Intense heat such as hot ashes, coals, or logs coming in contact with the back of the enclosure will cause tarnishing or discoloration to the door finishes. This type of abuse is not covered under warranty.

  • WARNING: Tempered glass is breakable, just any other glass. For this reason, precautions should be taken. Tempered glass shatters into small pieces and these pieces tend to fly about the area. For this reason, you should never sit with your face or other bare skin close to the glass. In the unlikely event that the glass should break, the resulting small pieces could burn skin or melt synthetic carpets. The consumer must protect against burns by using a protective hearth rug or other suitable hearth protector in front of the fireplace.



  • Stoll Fireplace Glass Doors are designed to be used with the glass doors open under most circumstances when the fire is burning. Maximum radiant heat from your fuel will be realized with the doors open. The screen must be kept closed at all times when a fire is burning except when loading or maintaining the fire.

  • Stoll Fireplace Glass Doors used in combination with Gas Logs must have the glass doors open and the screens closed when the gas logs are in operation to ensure adequate air flow to the gas logs. Closing the glass doors while a gas log is in operation could overheat the gas logs and damage the log set’s components. Read and follow all instructions provided by the gas log manufacturer.

  • Build and maintain small to moderate fires at least 5 inches away from the back of the enclosure. Ensure that any fireplace grate or andirons are properly sized to allow adequate clearance between the fire and the glass door enclosure. A roaring fire or a fire built too close to the glass door assembly may overheat the frame or glass, and/or damage the finish, and/or discolor the metal. Stoll Fireplace will not replace any brass or metal that has been discolored due to building a fire too hot or too near the fireplace glass door assembly.

  • Never leave the room with both the glass and screen doors open. Upon retiring for the evening or leaving the room for an extended period the glass doors can be closed to reduce heat loss up the chimney and to insure maximum spark protection. Before closing the glass doors ensure that the fire is under control and of moderate size or smaller. Ensure that the damper built into your Stoll Fireplace Glass Door is open to allow for enough air to support combustion. Likewise, ensure that the fireplace damper is fully open. Once the fire is completely extinguished, close the fireplace damper to further minimize heat loss up the chimney.



  • CAUTION: Glass and Enclosure must be at room temperature before cleaning!

  • When closing the glass doors to secure a dying fire, smoke residue will accumulate on the glass. If cleaned regularly this soot can be easily removed using household glass cleaner or a mild detergent such as dish soap. Spray on, let soak for a few minutes, wipe and rinse clean.

  • Heavier, long-term build up may require the use of a glass cleaner specifically formulated for removing wood smoke residue. These glass cleaners are available from your local Stoll Fireplace Dealer.

  • Polished metal parts of the enclosure (brass, copper, etc.) should be cleaned only with a damp soft towel or dust cloth. These metals have a clear lacquer finish and the use of brass or metal polish will damage the finish .

  • The enclosure and door frame metal work is finished in high quality powder coat and typically requires only an occasional wipe with a damp cloth to maintain the factory finish. A mild soap and water solution (such as dish soap) may be used if necessary.


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