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Stoll Fireplace Glass Door Enclosures

Words & Term Definitions (Listed Alphabetically)

Air Seal Doors: 1” width x 3/16” depth glass door frames with a gasket used for extra tight sealing of fireplace. Recommended to be used with pyro ceramic glass.

Arch Conversion: Rectangular main frame with arched glass doors.

Arch Top Add On: Arched top added to rectangular main frame.

Bi-fold Glass Doors: Two operating glass doors, each divided into two panels allowing the doors to fold in center.

Cabinet Glass Doors: Two solid operating glass doors.

Cabinet Mesh: Two solid operating mesh doors.

Center Bar: Glass doors are framed in the center as well as the outside edges.

Center Bar In Center Only: In the case of bi-fold glass doors; glass doors are framed in center of doors but not in the center of each folding panel.

Center Bar On All Panels: In the case of bi-fold glass doors; glass doors are framed around each folding panel.

Clearview: No center frame on glass doors.

Complete Overlay: Main frame and glass door frames completely covered in overlay.

Curtain Rod: A rod welded inside screen door flange at top of main frame to allow the use of hanging mesh

Custom Sizes: Sizes made to custom specification with 4-6 weeks production time.

Damper: A ventilation feature in the bottom panel of the main frame that allows air flow to be controlled.

Decorative Design: A metal pattern welded to glass door frames or mesh door frames on the outside of glass or mesh.

Extruded Trim: A 3/4” wide “bull nosed” trim available only on the main frame.

Filigree: Decorative punched design available in top and bottom panels in selected finishes.

Finish: Color and texture of enclosure.

Finished Size: The Outside dimensions of the main frame.

Fixed Panel: A single glass door that is hinged on both sides, making the glass door stationary while allowing it to still be lifted off for cleaning, etc.

Flanges: Welded perpendicular to the back of the main frame. Used for mounting on inside fit enclosures or to help cover gaps on an uneven fireplace. Also, hearth flanges may be used to support an enclosure in the case of a fireplace opening that is raised above the hearth.

Glass Door Frames: The 1” width x 3/16” depth framing around the glass.

Handles On Center Bar: Glass door handles are mounted vertically on center bar 1½” above vertical center.

Hardware: Hinges and handles.

Key Lock: Lock installed on glass doors to protect children from injury or fireplace from being tampered with (Most commonly used on fireplace enclosures installed in public places).

Keystone Cutout: Cutout on top panel of main frame to fit around keystone in fireplace.

Lintel: 3/16” width x 4 1/2” depth metal mortar frame used for new construction or inserted into existing fireplaces to make fireplace opening even and symmetrical, allowing the best fit for the fireplace enclosure.

Louver Design: Decorative panels inserted into the main frame to cover the louvers of a metal firebox.

Main Frame: The four sided frame on which the glass door frames are mounted.

Mesh Door Frames: The 3/8” width x 1/4” depth framing around the mesh.

Mitered Corners: Corners of main frame cut at 45º angle (“picture framed”).

Overlay Finishes: A solid decorative metal overlaid on a base frame.

Plated Finishes: Electroplated finish over a base metal.

Powder Coat And Overlay Combinations: Any of the following combinations: A. Main frame powder coated with overlay trim and glass door frames powder coated with overlay trim, B. Main frame powder coated with overlay trim and glass door frames overlaid, C. Main frame overlaid and glass door frames powder coated with overlay trim.

Powder Coat Finishes: Polyester or polyurethane baked on durable finishes.

Production Time: The amount of time from when the order is placed until the order is ready for shipment.

Pyro Ceramic Glass: Specially treated glass to resist high temperatures, allowing the glass doors to be closed.

Replace Glass With Mesh: Mesh panels are inserted in standard glass door frames in place of glass panels.

Riser Bar: A bar made to custom size and color that fits under the enclosure to raise it.

Single Mesh: One solid operating mesh door.

Standard Sizes: Sizes that glass and parts are stocked allowing for shorter production time.

Trim On Main Frame: A narrow overlay metal angle glued to the outside edge of the main frame.

Trim On Door Frame: A narrow overlay metal angle glued to the outside edge of the door frame.


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