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Craftsman Masonry Fireplace Doors
Craftsman Forged Iron Fireplace Door
The metal is distressed in a hand forged process to produce a deeply dimpled and scarred surface reminiscent of hand-wrought metal. Add strap hinges and handles to create a colonial masterpiece.
  • Main Frame: 3/16" Bar Iron
  • Frame Width: Any
  • Frame Depth: 3/16"
  • Powder Coat and Premium Finishes
  • Mesh Spark Screen
  • 4 -6 Week Production
Build & Buy
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Browse our Idea Gallery below to help design your perfect custom fireplace glass door.

Idea Gallery - View Options & Build Your Own Fireplace!
  • Clear Natural Finish
    Strap Hinges & Arched Window Pane Design
  • Weathered Brown Finish
    Strap Hinges & Handles
  • Clear Natural Finish
    Strap Hinges & Handles
  • Weathered Brown Finish
    Strap Hinges & Handles
*Colors vary and appear differently per computer monitor. Visit your local dealer for color samples.
**Prices are based on a minimum size door, standard options, and do not include shipping charges. Changing the fireplace size, options, etc. on the Order Form will affect the total price..

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