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Wiring Diagrams
Wiring Diagram

Our Heating Solutions feature fans/blowers to help heat your home from your fireplace. These fans have an electric circuitry of wires and switches which may sometimes need maintenance or troubleshooting. The wiring diagrams on this page can be used as a guide in troubleshooting.

Be sure to unplug the cord from the wall outlet BEFORE doing any electrical work!

We recommend that you hire a qualified electrician to perform any maintenance or troubleshooting on our Heating Solutions.

Heat Champion  |  Download Diagram - 522kb .PDF

Heat Exchanger for Wood  |  Download Diagram - 508kb .PDF
Heat Exchanger for Gas  |  Download Diagram - 508kb .PDF

Wood Grate Heater  |  Download Diagram - 459kb .PDF
Gas Log Heater  |  Download Diagram - 459kb .PDF


**Prices are based on a minimum size door, standard options, and do not include shipping charges. Changing the fireplace size, options, etc. on the Order Form will affect the total price..

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