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40th AnniversaryIntroduction

Stoll Fireplace was founded in 1969, by Mr. William Stoll. Over the last 30+ years the look of the fireplace doors has changed but the Stoll products are still made with the same care and craftsmanship. Our many years of experience allows us to provide you with a high level of expertise, superior quality, and excellent customer service.
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Product Usages and Advantages
  • Positive spark protection
  • Energy efficient, minimizes heat lose up chimney when fireplace isn’t in use
  • Heat treated ¼” tempered glass for safety, resists breakage under high temperatures
  • Custom designs, sizes and finishes to fit the needs of your fireplace and decor.


Trackless Door Design

  • No build up of debris in the tracks to cause jams
  • Allows for easier opening and closing
  • Increases efficiency vs. no door by 100%
  • Increased efficiency over track system doors by 25%
  • Easy cleaning, doors swing out for complete access


Solid Steel and Heavy Bar stock Construction

  • Strong and durable, made to last for many years, will not bend or warp
  • Constructed from 14 gauge formed steel or ¼” Iron bar stock
  • Standard frames, are 14 gauge steel formed to ¾” depth (100 series)
  • Flat fit frames “a more custom made steel look” is 14 gauge steel with any color overlay,
    formed to ¼” depth (100 series)
  • Channel Iron frames, are 1/8” Iron bars welded to 1” depth (1000 series)
  • Bar stock frames “a more custom made Iron look” using ¼” solid iron material and has a depth of ¼” (1000 series)


Bifold Door Design

  • Folds neatly back against the frame
  • Able to present the finished side of the door to the viewer when in use


Handles and Hinges

  • Sturdy feel with superior stability hinges and latches are solid brass with adjustable ball bearing tension, allowing for smooth operation


Cabinet Mesh

  • Easy to open, quick access, positive latch design
  • Superior spark arresting, no gaps for sparks to slip through, for added safety
  • Claim shell design, eliminates sharp edges found on most other competitive doors


Solid Metal Overlays

  • Coated with a lacquer finish, won’t tarnish or turn color in normal applications
  • Rich and expensive look finishes the room and improves the appearance of the fireplace for many years to come


Protective Paint Coating

  • Powder coat finish protects from rust or discoloration, and is a superior long lasting finish, matching the tones and colors of today's trends


Finish Options
  • 8 overlay metal colors and 22 iron finishes combine to give a color scheme for almost any home décor


Optional Accessories

  • Toolsets available in two styles, matching all 22 iron door finishes
  • Wood basket with log carrier, one style, finished to match all iron colors
  • Free standing screens, single or tri-panel designs, available in all finish options
  • Wood heater grates, designed for use with the Stoll door and greater fireplace efficiency
  • Fireplace hoods, designed to further protect from the heat of the fire any combustible material that may be present such as a wood mantel


The Stoll Warranty

Stoll Fireplace Equipment Inc. warrants glass doors to the original retail purchaser against defects in materials and workmanship for a period of five years. Stoll will replace at no charge, any part that fails due to defect in materials or workmanship.


Hand Made in the USAHand Made By Expert Craftsman

Unsurpassed quality and attention to detail and exceptional customer satisfaction ensures that customers are always more satisfied with their new Stoll door than with any other company’s product




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