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About Gasketed Fireplace Doors and IECC

The International Code Council (ICC) publishes the International Energy Conservation Code (IECC) as one of a series of model codes including The International Fuel Gas Code, International Mechanical Code, International Plumbing Code, and more. These model codes are typically adopted as is or as the basis for individual state codes.  The latest version of the model Energy Code is IECC 2009. At last reporting at least 18 states have adopted IECC 2009.  Current information on which states have adopted IECC 2009 can be found online here


Section 402.4.3 of IECC 2009 states: “New wood-burning fireplaces shall have gasketed doors and outdoor combustion air.” 


It is, therefore, a requirement that newly constructed masonry fireplaces be equipped with gasketed doors in states that have adopted IECC 2009.  Stoll Fireplace has been manufacturing gasketed “Air Seal” fireplace doors for a number of years as a remedy for customers who experience cold air infiltration down their chimney due to a negative pressure condition in their home.  Until this year Stoll’s Air Seal option was limited to cabinet style doors.  In response to increased demand and requests from dealers and consumers alike, Stoll has introduced a unique gasketed BiFold Air Seal door design.  The response has been very gratifying. The new BiFold Gasketed door option is available as a custom option on the following Stoll Door collections:

The gasketed option is not avaible on these fireplace doors:

  • TotalView style doors
  • Inset Door styles
  • Extruded Bar doors
  • Essentials Collection doors (Philadelphia, Trenton, and Kingston)


Like any fireplace door, it is important that gasketed doors be left open while burning a hot fire. Damage to the door, door frame, and/or the tempered glass is likely to result and will not be covered under warranty.  They are not designed to be used or sold as an “air tight” option to a Heat Champion, woodstove, or fireplace insert.  Their value is in reducing heated air loss through the fireplace when the fire is dying or extinguished, and minimizing cold air infiltration from a down drafting chimney.


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