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Proper fireplace measurements are critical to ordering a fireplace door that will fit properly. We typically refer to measurements as "width by height" (i.e. 38" x 30") We recommend taking multiple measurements of the width and the height because we need to work from the narrowest measurements of the opening. So compare the multiple measurements of width and height and enter the smallest measurement.
1.) For overlap doors, please enter your measurements into the picture of the opening. We will recommend a standard size door that will fit your opening.
2.) For inside fit and other special installations that require a specific width or height, please specify those measurements in the Custom Finished Size box at bottom right. Most times it is best to cut a template out of cardboard or plywood, trim it until it fits properly, and then measure that template.

Two other things are important to note when measuring a fireplace. They are related to the lintel at the top of the opening and the hearth at the bottom of the opening.
1.) If the lintel (metal bar) at the top of the opening protrudes into the fireplace farther than the face of the opening, this difference must be noted. Your previous measurement was of the fireplace opening at the face. This must be compared to the lintel which is usually set back into the opening only at the top of the fireplace.
2.) If the hearth (that protrudes into the room) is higher or lower then the previous measurements, this must be noted as well. Especially if the fireplace opening is suspended from the hearth, also known as "picture framed" or "overlap on four sides".

Overlap Tips
Each collection and each main frame width may have different overlap specifications. For example, a Traditional Collection door usually has a 2" main frame with standard overlap of 2" per side, while a Premium Bar Iron door has a 2" main frame with a standard overlap of 1" per side. However, if the fireplace face is rough hewn stone, you may want max overlap to cover the gaps caused by the rough opening. For other installations, such as tile, you may want to specify minimum overlap so the tile is visible and not covered up behind the main frame.

Inside Fit Tips
Almost every inside fit door should be double checked with a template. We can supply a hard template that is based on the measurements we receive from you. Or you can supply a hard template with your order. One thing to verify with your template is that the bottom left and right corners are square. This is important because your template may be off if the bottom corners are not square.

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